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Colonic Hydrotherapy

General Facts

Colonic Hydrotherapy (CH) is an excellent method to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate from within. It consists on the flushing of the intestines with water at controlled pressure and temperature.
Very useful in digestive conditions, CH and treats constipation, some colitis, irritable bowel, gas, etc. It also helps regulate and strengthen the immune system, boosts the cardiovascular system and Improves the skin. In SANAR colonics are cornerstone in the treatment of leaky gutor damaged intestinal permeability, a condition that is widely prevalent and preludes many more ominous diseases, like cardiovascular, autoimmune and even cancer.
Throughout his 9 years of medical practice Dr. Suárez has made a strong commitment to help others fight this condition, that he also has suffered from. Our equipment is state of the art and complies with national and international standards and our nurse has experience administering the therapy with loving care.

General Information


As for the right therapy to detoxify and cleanse; colonic hydrotherapy is really an excellent method to detoxify and rejuvenate from within, it has an effect of stimulating the natural defense systems, it also corrects conditions of the digestive tract, such as constipation, gas, irritability and also it improves radically the health of our skin, it provides us resistance to infections, boosts our circulatory system, and aids importantly our weight management.

As a preventive medicine, it can be used not only to heal disease, but also to prevent and improve our health; for it cleanses deeply and renews our tissues.

The therapy consists of introducing pure water to the colon at a regulated temperature (30-39 °C), that cleanses the intestinal lining from all toxic accumulations. The gentle water flow also stimulates reflex points with a restorative effect on the correspondent organs. During the therapy a gentle abdominal massage is given to aid in the release of the accumulated residues, as well as gas, mocoid formations, and other byproducts avoiding bacterial proliferation. And by facilitating the bowel movements, the colon recovers its capacity of absorption and elimination.

This, further regulates and tonifyes the organism in general and in particular, cases of chronic intestinal disorders which along the pharmacological abuse, bad nutritional and lifestyle habits impact as skin disorders, allergies, metabolic pathologies and those related directly or indirectly with the large intestine. It also avoids proliferation of free radicals and biologic oxidation.

This therapy works very specifically improving renal function, circulation, bladder function, ovaric and prostatic function, digestive inflammation and pathologies. It is certainly ideal to start a weight management program. Candida which is a very frequent health problem in our society can be eradicated by a lifestyle adjustment and Colonic Hydrotherapy.

It has an effect of reseting our metabolism, clearing the pathways, making all our processes and treatments effective, also increasing our nutrient assimilation and decreasing metabolic resistance to normalize our ideal health and weight

The final result of cleansing our Colon is the optimal function of our internal organs and the incredible wellness feeling that it brings about. By restoring its tone and capacity to eliminate, we recover by all means a vibrant health, renewing it from within.


Renewing our body takes the same steps to clean up our house! First we have to recognize the symptoms, or the feelings of tiredness or lack of energy (how affected is our house), then evaluate our lifestyle habits and external sources of toxicity, and last, applying the right therapy. So health really requires 4 steps:

  1. Evaluation and positive changes on my lifestyle
  2. Therapy
  3. Importance of regular maintenance
  4. Enjoy the feelings of authentic health and vitality

We all have a tendency to health, and complementary medicine potentiates our own means to face disease, then the right lifestyle is the key to remain healthy and vibrant, and right maintenance means to let professionals make the right diagnoses and indicate the appropriate therapy for us, as well of us taking responsibility of a healthy lifestyle.


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